Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How can I setup VLAN on my Windows XP or Workstation?

If you have Intel NIC card, you are lucky. Intel PROset utility/driver allows you to add/remove VLAN on your workstation.

You could download Intel PROset from
Go to Downloads and Drivers and search for Intel PROset and choose your operating system

Install the downloaded executable file
(While installing it will prompt if you want to use MMC for the management, select YES)

It will also ask if you want to remove old drivers and settings, you can say NO

Once it is installed, Right Click "My Computer" --> Manage --> Device Manager --> Network Adapters --> Right Click "Inter(R) XXXX whatever it shows " --> Properties --> VLAN and add your desired VLAN ID

Try to access other devices on the same VLAN. It should work. If not contact your network administrator.

Other TIPS:
1. Start --> Run --> winmsd

if Processor properties has x86, your OS is 32 bit
if Processor properties has ia64, your OS is 64 bit

2. Device manager will show you the vendor of your NIC card. It could be Realtek, INTEL, Broadcom. The above procedure for VLAN will only work for INTEL NIC.

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