Friday, April 17, 2009

Boot Image of AIX

Using Bootlist from System ROS/BIOS/EFI (whatever you say) , System locates the boot device and attempts to load the Boot Image of OS to the Memory. So, the question comes: What is the Boot Image?

Boot image of AIX contains the files required to boot the AIX system, including the AIX kernel, the RAMFS (RAM file system), and the copy of Base ODM (Object Data Manager)

ROS : Read Only Storage
BIOS : Basic Input Output System
EFI : Extensible Firmware Interface

System Initialization in Brief:

In General
Hardware Initialization -- Low Level Configuration -- Load Boot Image -- AIX Initialization

For POWER servers:
System ROS ---- SMS/BOOTLIST ---- Software ROS------ BLV----INIT

For Intel Itanium -based Servers
BIOS/EFI --- Set up EFI boot manager --- EFI system partition contains bootloader boot.efi ---physical partition contains BLV -- AIX Initialization

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