Thursday, April 9, 2009

Backup and Restore

Tar (Tape Archive)

It's a backup utility to create archive in Tape.

tar [options] [archive name/device name/destination] [files to be archived/source]

options can be : -c create
-v verbose
-x extract
-t show the contents
-z to zip the content

eg. #tar -cvf /dev/st0 /home

Using dump and restore:

dump: it's utility to make a backup of files in ext filesystem

#dump [options] [destination] [source]
restore: it's utility to restore a backup

Type of backup:
1. Full Backup --> 0
2. Incremental Backup --> 1-9
e.g #dump -0uf /dev/st0 /home

0--> for full backup
u--> Update the file /etc/dumpdates after a successful dump
f --> Write the backup to file; file may be a special device file like /dev/st0 (a tape drive), /dev/rsd1c (a floppy disk drive), an ordinary file, or - (the standard output)

#dump -1uf /dev/st0 /home

1--> for first incremental backup


#cd / ; mkdir extract
#cd /extract
#restore -rf /dev/st0

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