Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CVS and CVSNT in glance

1. Create Repository on the CVSNT server.

2. Launch wincvs and navigate to Admin --> Preferences --> specify CVS HOME [it is any directory that might be needed for wincvs configuration, however you will not need it if you are beginner]. If you have installed WinMerge or File Compare Tool (powerful), you can select that as your External Diff program. If you have Notepad++ installed, you can select that as your default editor.

3. Import module into the Repository (it means importing the Local project directory into the Repository)
a> Before importing module, we need to browse the local directory from wincvs [ see the browse section at the top in toolbar section]
b> On left side, you will see your local project directory which you just browsed.
c> Right click the folder and select Import Module option
d> Ignore the files which you can't edit [ e.g. .rpm, .bak, .pub and many more]
e> Specify the CVSROOT and repository location
f> You might want to tell wincvs to create CVS hierarchy so that it can create versions of files.

4. You can start editing files [Remember: When you are editing files, you are editing in your local project folder, no in the repository]. Once you are done, you can commit the changes. Commiting the changes means to make the change on the Repository too. Once the change is done on repository, you can checkout the module [ your project ]. Checkout means pulling out the project from the repository.

[local project directory] ------import--> [Repository] -----export--> [checkout project directory]

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