Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shell Scripting plus AWK and SED

Shell Script is series of command written in plain text file. Shell script is just like batch file is MS-DOS but have more power than the MS-DOS batch file

awk utility is powerful data manipulation/scripting programming language (In fact based on the C programming Language). Use awk to handle complex task such as calculation, database handling, report creation etc.

General Syntax of awk:

Syntax:awk -f {awk program file} filename

awk Program contains are something as follows:

action 1
action 2
action N }

awk reads the input from given file (or from stdin also) one line at a time, then each line is compared with pattern. If pattern is match for each line then given action is taken. Pattern can be regular expressions.


SED is a stream editor. A stream editor is used to perform basic text transformations on an input stream (a file or input from a pipeline). SED works by making only one pass over the input(s), and is consequently more efficient.

General Syntax of sed
sed -option 'general expression' [data-file]
sed -option sed-script-file [data-file]

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